Lecce – Puglia

Gallipoli (Cad.d.ìpuli in Gallipoli dialect and in Salento Greek) is an Italian town of 21,065 inhabitants in the province of Lecce in Puglia.
Located along the western coast of the Salento peninsula, it is the fifth center of the province by number of inhabitants. It is the seat, together with Nardò, of the Diocese of Nardò-Gallipoli.
The city stretches out over the Ionian Sea and is divided into two parts: the village and the historic center. The first is the most recent part of the city, built on a peninsula that juts out into the Ionian to the west. The historic center, on the other hand, is located on an island of limestone origin, connected to the mainland by a seventeenth-century arch bridge. Of considerable historical-naturalistic importance is the Island of Sant’Andrea, about a mile off the coast of the historic center, characterized by the presence of wild animals, such as the Corsican seagull.

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